Radflo Hydra-Jac


Radflo Hydra-Jac

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Radflo Hydra-Jac is a must have for any off road adventurous. don’t get stuck with out the proper tools again. the Radflo Hydra Jac is the most light weight compact jack on the market.

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Radflo Standard Hydra Jac HJ-001-00 High Lift, Light Weight, Off Road Jack

The Radflo Hydra-Jack in the standard length is the fastest, lightest and most convenient “high-lift” type jack available for for off-road vehicle applications.
We ship from our available inventory so this is no delay in getting your Hydra Jac to you. The Hydraulic specialists at Radflo have developed a proper off-road jack that allows you to change tires with more speed and less sweat than ever before.

Anybody who has ever changed a tire off-road knows how much of a pain and even how dangerous it can be. The Radflo Hydrajac takes all the danger out of lifting your vehicle in the dirt. The OEM emergency jack provided with the vehicle is useless if you have any kind of lift. and normal jacks are too big and heavy to take anywhere. The Radflo Standard Hydra Jac is specifically designed for off-road enthusiast to get the increased lift height required from a compact light weight jack.


  • Two Thousand Two Hundred Pound Lift Capacity
  • 18.1″ of Lift
  • 13 Pound Weight
  • 37″ Overall Compressed Length
  • 54″ Overall Extended Length
  • Durable Chrome Plated and Polished Exterior Finish
  • Durable Chrome Plated and Polished Exterior Finish
  • SSID alloy steel tube body (35mm diameter)
  • Chrome plated and polished 22MM Diameter Ram
  • CNC machined bronze, Teflon® coating shaft guide
  • Radflo high-temp foam resistant suspension fluid
  • Nitrogen gas pressurization
  • Re-Buildable Hydraulic U-Cup seals
  • CNC machined aluminum body caps and eyelets
  • Clear cadmium plating on most parts
  • Consumer or DSM serviceable shock

Radflo Hydra-Jac Operation:

  • The Radflo Hydra Jac offers you an Adjustable High Lift Jacking Platform that conforms to adapt to your off-road application situation.
  • Simply set the adjustable jacking platform on the Radflo Hydra-Jac to the proper position for your vehicle and elevating a disabled tire into the air on the most flexible suspensions.
  • With 18.1″ of travel you can get that tire in the air with ease!
  • The convenient, fold-away handle makes operation easy and efficient.
  • In most cases, no more than 4 pumps are required to raise your vehicle a full inch.
  • Release the bleed screw to lower the vehicle – you can even control the rate of descent.
  • Quickly raise or lower your vehicle with little effort by using the Radflo Standard Hydra-Jac

The Radflo Standard Hydra Jac provides a heavy duty hydraulic ram to hold s heavy load capacity
The Radflo Hydra Jac is built with a massive 22 mm ram that allows you to safely hoist loads up to 2,200 lbs. in almost any condition without fear of failure.
Like Radflo Shocks, the Standard HydraJac is completely serviceable and rebuild-able for a lifetime of service.
At a mere 13 pounds the Hydra jack is easy to load and unload. Transportation of this light weight high lift jack to where its really needed is truly painless. At only 13 lbs., you can easily load or unload the the Radflo standard Hydra jack without breaking a sweat. Ultra-strong construction with very light weight alloy materials eliminates user strain.
The Radflo Hydra Jac small size allows for more storage options. The small Small overall size allows the Radflo Hydra Jac to be stored in numerous locations. When fully collapsed the Standard Hydra-jack has an overall length of just 37″. This small compact size allows you to stow the Hydra-Jac in locations where your current “high lift” jack would never fit.
This Radflo Hydra Jac is also available in an extended length version when higher lifting is required.
The innovative Hydra Jac is used by owners of Pre-Runners, Trucks, SUV’s, Rock Crawlers, Cars, UTV, Street Roads, Open Wheel Cars, Road Racers and Circle Track cars!

The Radflo Hydra Jack is MADE IN THE USA!


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